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Poker Strategy Tips

There are several points that are very important and ever poker player should keep these points in mind if they wish to be a successful player.

You should never begin play unless you have a bankroll of 50x that of the table limit.
If you have a very poor hand get out of the game.
If you have a monster hand make your opponents pay to see it.
Always remember your playing to beat the other players not to necessarily have the best hand.
You should choose your opponents wisely. Playing against a player that is far superior than you may net a lucky win from time to time, but over the long haul you will most likely lose big.
Study the psychology of the game. Know when to bluff, sandbag, pick up on tells and you will certainly net more wins.


In poker, bluffing is when a player bets or raises the betting aggressively while holding a hand that is likely to be mediocre at best, hoping that all your opponents will fold awarding you the pot.


Sandbagging otherwise known as “slow play” is deceiving play in poker that is for all intents and purposes the opposite of bluffing: betting weakly with a strong hand that is likely to win. The idea is to real in as many suckers as possible so that the pot you are about to win will be as large as possible.


Understanding your opponents and knowing what is in their hands is an art. Every poker player talks about “tells” – gestures made by other players that might give you a clue as to what they have. With enough experience you may even be able to read these tells. Understanding other players relies on your ability to watch how other players play the game and to use your gaming experience to judge how your opponents may play any given hand.