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casino betsInternet-based casino profits and website releases are growing quicker than ever. Large organizations for example Party Gaming, VIP Casino club and Ladbrokes are all increasing their marketing campaigns to draw a wider European or worldwide audience.

Betting itself is an uncontrollable and addictive activity, with several rigid societies attempting to forbid and yet ban online betting around the world. Rigid environments themselves vary from state to state. Even as the US are banning online betting, the UK has guided the way to ensure that online betting remains an option for many, but does not turn into a danger to others.

Like alcohol, religion or sex, some people seem to never be able to control themselves and society must be there somehow to protect them against the dangers of these otherwise peaceful activities. Even within blackjack or poker players which are supposed to be games of skill, bad beat stories are a favorite as well as tilt, both demonstrating a lack of control.

The current release of a new Betting Act has wanted to protect kids and problem regions from abusive betting, even going as far as attempting to charge a tax duty on all profits from betting both online and offline. The Act will make it unlawful to attract kids to bet and there will be obligatory age checks for internet based betting websites.

The new betting Act will provide for the building of super casinos in chosen areas across the state. The Betting Act will permit casinos to function 24 hours a day, with limitless jackpots, and betting will be permitted on Bank Holidays and Sundays. As far as websites are concerned, when the Act becomes in force, chosen companies will be required to apply for a license to function internet based betting website from a UK base.

Countries vary in terms of the ways how they charge a tax on betting. For instance, a few will tax each gamble individually while states similar to UK, tax only the gross earnings that betting organizations make. Territories like Gibraltar and Malta offer competitive tax rules in addition to the profits of an off-shore economic center. So before you get involved with an online betting we should know about Legal gambling & Legal gambling age and the terms & conditions of each operator.

Pot odds

The notion of pot odds is a basic element differentiating a regular poker player from a winner in the long term, especially in No Limit Texas Holdem. So after you get your carbon poker bonus code, make sure to focus on pot odds to put all chances on your side.

In short, pot odds is the ratio between the size of the bet that you make and the pot size. If you can call in and have to pay $12 for a bet of $3, the pot odds are 4:1. In other words for the three dollars that you can or should pay you get in return $12 if you are a winner.

The idea is that in this strategy pot odds can always be favorable to your chances of winning. If you believe that you have 20% chances to win a hand, the hand is played only if the pot is at least five times more than the required bet . If you have to pay a bet of $5 then the pot should be at least $25 if the chances of success are 20%.

Before the flop a great attention must be given in the situation that is played with worse hands hoping to get a very favorable flop. A flop can be quite costly considering that the chances of having a small pair in hand to get your set are quite small.

There are some general situations which impose some rules when you see a flop. In the first situation you can have a weak hand with no hope of improvement. For example if your hand is a King with a Jack of spade and on the board are a Two, A Seven and a Nine of diamonds what you can do is check and fold or make a bluff.

In the second situation you can have a good hand if the cards show that it is a possibility to have either the highest pairs, meaning two aces with two queens or to have a three of kinds if the cards on the board are a queen, a jack and a four and you have an ace and a queen.

A hand that does not submit claims to winning but it can turn into a good hand if on river or turn is a card that looks favorable. Such hand is called drawing hand. If you have an ace and a king of clubs and on the board is a jack of diamond, and two clubs cards you can win with a flush. In such a situation pot odds are very important. Pot odds calculation is not very difficult. The first thing you should do is to count the outs. An out is a card that will improve your hand. For example when expecting a straight at two ends when the number of outs is 8, you have 4 cards at an end and 4 at the other .

Casino rules softer in France

French authorities have recently decided to soften the rules applicable to how French casinos operate. Since August 1st, it is easier for them to test new games or to organize poker tournaments. Is this an attempt to counter competition from online gambling operators? Probably as traditional brick and mortar casinos have a lot of clout over the current Government.

This new Legislation makes things easier for all French brick and mortar gambling institutions, such as sea resorts, spas and climatic hotels allowed to organize gambling games in France. This Change gives the casinos a lot of room to maneuver. Since August 1st, casinos can try out some new games on the condition that they obtained authorization from the Advisory Commission on games and casino circles. They may also open new tables easily – without any permission – for poker tournaments, which are very popular in the country of cheese.

Finally, one-armed bandits, in other words the slot machines, will be allowed to offer several different games on the same machine as well as various stakes, and will remain open after the close of gaming tables, which was not previously the case. It is believed that if players can choose among multiple games at the same machine, they will be less tempted to leave once their game is finished.

The new rules, decided by decree on July 29, were well needed as competition from online games weighs on live casinos. They are already losing money since 2007. In 2010, their gross gaming revenue decreased by 2.1% and is now around 2.3 billion euros. Since the authorization of the online games a year ago, the French players have bet 9.5 billion euros on the web. Unlike in the United States the French Government has enacted a new regulation to administer online gambling and is thus able to collect well needed taxes. But on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean Congress does not seem to be able to agree on any new gambling law to replace the inept UIGEA regulation.

Free Internet Bingo

Internet bingo is easy to play because you do not have to reserve a place at the casino beforehand. You can easily play it sitting in your house and can concentrate more on the numbers. The coolest thing about bingo is that it is the easiest of all casino games. All you have to do to play the internet bingo is to sign up at the site and register. The popularity of this game has increased because they offer free bingo no deposit. They do not want any money as registration fee or as the basic of your game. You do not stand a huge chance to loose much so the “abstract” bonus they give becomes enough for you to start the game.

When you start to play free bingo no deposit then the site gives you up to 50 cards with different numbers. Then they call out for numbers from 1-75 and you have to match the numbers with yours. Your aim is to make a particular number pattern. The player who can match up the pattern quickly wins the game. If more than one player can make the pattern in an equal time then the prize money gets divided.

Now while playing internet bingo you can try more than one set of numbers. As the game is based on making the aimed number pattern so the more sets you have the more you stand a chance to win. But be aware that you can remember all the numbers. If you have a chance to mess them up then my advice will be to play with a single set. Every number in the bingo card is different and it is ensured by the game software. Some sites distribute the cards in such a way that every player stands a good chance of winning the game.

Poker Strategy Tips

There are several points that are very important and ever poker player should keep these points in mind if they wish to be a successful player.

You should never begin play unless you have a bankroll of 50x that of the table limit.
If you have a very poor hand get out of the game.
If you have a monster hand make your opponents pay to see it.
Always remember your playing to beat the other players not to necessarily have the best hand.
You should choose your opponents wisely. Playing against a player that is far superior than you may net a lucky win from time to time, but over the long haul you will most likely lose big.
Study the psychology of the game. Know when to bluff, sandbag, pick up on tells and you will certainly net more wins.


In poker, bluffing is when a player bets or raises the betting aggressively while holding a hand that is likely to be mediocre at best, hoping that all your opponents will fold awarding you the pot.


Sandbagging otherwise known as “slow play” is deceiving play in poker that is for all intents and purposes the opposite of bluffing: betting weakly with a strong hand that is likely to win. The idea is to real in as many suckers as possible so that the pot you are about to win will be as large as possible.


Understanding your opponents and knowing what is in their hands is an art. Every poker player talks about “tells” – gestures made by other players that might give you a clue as to what they have. With enough experience you may even be able to read these tells. Understanding other players relies on your ability to watch how other players play the game and to use your gaming experience to judge how your opponents may play any given hand.

Hunwick to attend Michigan

HUNWICK TO ATTEND MICHIGAN (Netminder joins Wolverines for 2007) Alpena MI: Shawn Hunwick has committed to play goal for the Michigan Wolverines next season. The official announcement was made on Monday. The Sterling Hts MI native will carry the Hunwick name for another four years at the university, Shawn’s older brother Matt just finished his senior season. Matt Hunwick was a team captain and is a draft pick of the Boston Bruins.

Hunwick spent one season in Alpena compiling a record of 17-9-2 with one shutout in 31 games played. “Shawn deserves the chance to play at the DI level, he is a hard working kid that will compete everyday in practice. said head coach Kenny Miller. “He is very excited about this chance and I am happy for him and his family.” Shawn joins Todd Rudasill (Ohio State), Eric Roman (Wayne State), Drew Pierson (West Point) and Chad Billins (Ferris State 08) as members of the 2006-2007 season to commit to division one programs. Hunwick originally committed to Adrian DIII before deciding on Michigan.

For more information on Hunwick and the IceDiggers please visit the club’s website at or call the main office at (989) 356-9812.


Alpena MI: The Alpena have added forward Andy Yarber to their tender list for the 2007-2008 season. Head Coach Kenny Miller announced the signing today.

“Andy brings grit to our hockey club, the fans in Alpena will be excited to see this kids work ethic, he is not very big but he works hard every shift and I except him to do that at the junior level.” said Miller

The Livonia MI native spent the 2006-2007 season with the Compuware Ambassadors of the MWEHL where he scored four goals and added ten assists in twenty six league games.

Yarber joins Compuware teammate Jon Puskar, Tyler Pilmore, JC Gulch (Toledo Cherokee), and Dan Pason (Little Caesars) as players who have signed tenders for the 07-08 season.

Andy will also reunite with former Ambassador and current IceDigger forward Jimmy McCusker next season, the two played together prior to McCusker joining the IceDiggers last season.

The IceDiggers will hold their first tryout camp of the summer in Toledo OH from May 31 thru June 3. For information on tryouts and all the up-to-date info please visit the website at or call the main office at (989) 356-9812.

(Yesue, Hendrickson and O’Brien)

Alpena MI: Alpena IceDiggers head coach Kenny Miller announced today three players from this years team has committed to play college hockey at the Division III level next season.

Ricardo Yesue (Allen Park MI) committed to Wisconsin River Falls (NCHA) early last week. The three year veteran finished the season with 12 goals, 13 assists for 25 points. “Ricardo is the ultimate team player it has been a pleasure to coach him the last three seasons, I am confident he will carry his leadership skills to the college level.” said Miller

Chris Hendrickson (Hancock MI) is going home, Hendrickson has decided to attend Finlandia (MCHA) the university is in Hancock Michigan. “Chris came in last year and made an impact right away and that carried over into this season where he was a top four defensemen the entire season.” added Miller

And the third player to commit last week was Southgate MI native Korey O’Brien the 2nd year defensemen will play at Wisconsin Stevens Point in the same conference as River Falls. “Korey is very offensive and should be a impact player at the college level.” said Miller

With the three signings the total number of commitments is at nine from this years club. Others attending school next season are Todd Rudasill (Ohio State DI), Drew Pierson (West Point DI), Eric Roman (Wayne State DI) and Chad Billins who has committed to Ferris State DI in 2008. Shawn Hunwick and Justin Stadler have committed to Adrian DIII.

For more information on the IceDiggers please log onto the website at or call the main office at (989) 356-9812.


Immediate Release

(Former Toledo Cherokee signs for 2007 season)

Alpena MI: The Alpena IceDiggers announced that JC Gulch has signed a tender contract for the 2009-2010 season.

Gulch has spent the past two seasons with the Toledo Cherokee of the CSHL the Junior “B” affiliate of the IceDiggers. During this past season Gulch led the Cherokee defensemen in scoring with 11 goals, 33 assists for a total of 44 points in 43 regular season games. In the postseason the Temperance MI native dressed in all six games tallying 1 goal and 2 assists for 3 points.

“JC was a top defensemen in the CSHL last year and will be a solid guy on the blue line for us.” said head coach Kenny Miller “He has the ability to be a stay home defensemen and also contribute in the offensive end as well.”

The 18 year old visited Alpena during the regular season and made his choice to join the IceDiggers shortly after. “JC had teams in the NAHL showing interest in him and we’re happy he decided on Alpena, he will be a big part of our hockey club.” added Miller.

Gulch’s teammate with the Cherokee Tyler Pilmore also signed to play in Alpena next season. Gulch joins Pilmore, Dan Pason (Little Caesars AAA) and Jonathon Puskar (Compuware AAA) as newcomers for the 2007 season.

For more information on the IceDiggers please visit the club’s website at or call the main office at (989) 356-9812.
Immediate Release

Alpena MI: The Alpena IceDiggers have several game jerseys available for sale. The game jerseys that were not sold during the auction are available for purchase. For more details please contact VP/GM Bob Krafft at (989) 356-9812 or


71 DeGrazia (blue)
9 Barron (white)
6 West (white)
3 Kaneshiro (white)
44 Bence (blue)
24 Billins (blue)
22 McCusker (blue)
47 O’Brien (white)
37 Marzean (blue)
49 Pilmore (blue)
55 Birmingham (blue)
20 Doorlag (white & blue)
11 Chris Hendrickson (white & blue)

For more information please visit our website at or call the main office at (989) 356-9812.

Shirley Rosario

What’s the most frustrating aspect of being a prop player?

The most frustrating aspect is when I have to get up from a game when I don’t want to. A props job is to help get games started and help keep them going. If we aren’t doing that, we can sit in a game as long as there isn’t a board. There have been times when I am sitting at the table with a maniac and he is on a rush. I know he will eventually lose his chips. I just have to sit there and wait for him to do it. It’s a real bummer when I have to get up to give another player the seat or get up to start a new game before the maniac has had a chance to give me his chips.

Does your strategy at a real table change greatly when playing against people that mainly play online?

I don’t think it changes much. Online players are good, bad, weak, tight, aggressive, etc. just like real table players. You should study the players at the table and play against the weaker opponents as often as you can.

Do you feel you play more/less hands online then live play?

My percentage of hands played is probably the same.

Everyone here dreams of playing poker full time. As someone who does this, is it as good as it sounds or do you get sick of it just like any other job?

I love my job, but there are times when it is frustrating and tiring. I know a lot of people dream of playing poker full time, but it is a tough job. It takes a certain type of person to be able to handle the highs and lows of playing poker for a living.