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Shirley Rosario

What’s the most frustrating aspect of being a prop player?

The most frustrating aspect is when I have to get up from a game when I don’t want to. A props job is to help get games started and help keep them going. If we aren’t doing that, we can sit in a game as long as there isn’t a board. There have been times when I am sitting at the table with a maniac and he is on a rush. I know he will eventually lose his chips. I just have to sit there and wait for him to do it. It’s a real bummer when I have to get up to give another player the seat or get up to start a new game before the maniac has had a chance to give me his chips.

Does your strategy at a real table change greatly when playing against people that mainly play online?

I don’t think it changes much. Online players are good, bad, weak, tight, aggressive, etc. just like real table players. You should study the players at the table and play against the weaker opponents as often as you can.

Do you feel you play more/less hands online then live play?

My percentage of hands played is probably the same.

Everyone here dreams of playing poker full time. As someone who does this, is it as good as it sounds or do you get sick of it just like any other job?

I love my job, but there are times when it is frustrating and tiring. I know a lot of people dream of playing poker full time, but it is a tough job. It takes a certain type of person to be able to handle the highs and lows of playing poker for a living.